Yu-Gi-Oh! Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Booster Packs (24 boosters)

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Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon was the very first Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME booster set ever released! For years, you could only get your hands on these coveted packs as part of the Legendary Collection, but now, just in time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the card game, they're being made available as standalone booster packs!

Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon was notable not just for being the first booster set, but also for introducing famous cards like Exodia the Forbidden One, as well as incredible Spell Cards like Pot of Greed and Raigeki. This printing will feature both Secret Rares from the set.

The complete Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon booster set is 126 cards:
• 82 Commons
• 22 Rares
• 10 Super Rares
• 10 Ultra Rares
• 2 Secret Rares


  • 24x Standalone Booster Packs

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      Arrived promptly and well packaged with great hits. Thanks as always!

      Jason Cafua
      Awesome Boxes

      Bought 2 booster boxes and got all the big hits! Blue eyes, red eyes, dark magician, and exodia head! 10/10. Love overthebrick!