Tabletop Tuesday at Over the Brick  

Come on down and join the shenanigans!

We host the following weekly events at our Kirkland location:
    Sundays 2PM      Magic: The Gathering Commander  
    Mondays 4PM     Paint Night Monday        Tuesdays 5PM    Tabletop Tuesday        Thursdays 7PM   Flesh and Blood Thursday        Friday 6PM         BattleTech Friday
    Friday 6:30PM    Friday Night Magic      Saturdays 2PM   Pokémon Saturday    
   (all times are PST/PDT)

Other than the above mentioned times, tables are always available for OPEN PLAY!

We have the Over the Brick Discord Channel where you can find folks hosting game nights, start a game yourself and invite people, or just chitchat in general about all the things we love about this hobby.

Hope to see around, let's get some games in!