Anest Iwata Certified Gold Crown Dealer

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As an exclusive Gold Crown Anest Iwata retailer (one of only 15 in the world and the only in Washington state) we proudly carry one of the largest inventories of products from Anest Iwata, a leading manufacturer of high end air brushes, air compressors, and painting equipment.

Elite Airbrushing at Your Fingertips

For nearly 50 years, Anest Iwata has provided nothing but the finest products to the top artists and creative professionals worldwide with elite products that push airbrushing to new frontiers. Anest Iwata airbrushes set the standard by which all other airbrushes are measured, proven daily by the impressive roster of elite professionals throughout the world who prefer Anest Iwata over any other brand.

Whether you’re looking for absolute precision, total control, versatility, or effortless coverage, we'll help you find the right equipment for your needs. 

Anest Iwata's Quick Guide: Which airbrush is right for me?

Want Absolute Precision? Try these:

Spray Chart Iwata Absolute Precision

Who sprays with Absolute Precision? Makers and creators who...

    • Are painting with fine to extreme detail and scale
    • Are using thin spray material or who are skilled at reducing paint for optimal flow
    • Have high level airbrush skills
    • Know how to care for and maintain airbrushes

Want Total Control? Check out:

Who sprays with Total Control? Makers and creators who...

    • Paint with fine to medium level of detail and scale
    • Have beginner to high-level airbrush skills
    • Are hobbyists or professional painters

Want Versatility? Here's the MVP:

Who sprays with All-Star Versatility? Makers and creators who...

    • Spray with fine to wide level of detail and scale
    • Want the ease of a drop-in nozzle
    • Have beginner to high-level airbrush skills
    • Use thin to thicker viscosity or pearlized spray materials
    • Are hobbyist or professional painters
    • Want to spray many types of things using one airbrush!

Want Effortless Coverage? Here's some bestsellers:

Who sprays with Effortless Coverage? Makers and creators who...

    • Spray medium range detail and coverage area
    • Want great atomization at low air pressures
    • Have beginner to high-level airbrush skills
    • Want many feature and model options
    • Are hobbyists or professional painters 

We know  selecting an airbrush can be overwhelming, so don't hesitate to reach out to our painting experts with any questions you may have!