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Store Location 

  • General Information: support@overthebrick.com
  • Address:14150 Juanita Drive NE, Kirkland WA 98034



Friendly Local and Online Game Store

Over the Brick strives to be your go-to shop for everything needed for your next gaming session, whether that be collectible card games, tabletop, miniatures, painting and terrain supplies, roleplaying games, board games, gaming accessories, and so much more. As a trusted seller of games and toys since 2014, we've always had a focus on competitive pricing, fast and fair shipping, and friendly service. We carry a large inventory for our online community and at our two locations in Kirkland and Kenmore, Washington. Over the Brick in Kirkland, WA

We're a passionate team of gamers with plenty of hobby gaming industry experience among us. Feel free to ask us any questions or recommendations, because we’re eager to share our knowledge and love of all aspects of these hobbies! Having long chats about topics such as miniature painting techniques or TCG deckbuilding is not uncommon around these parts!

If you’re local to the Kirkland, WA area, we invite you to hang out, play games, paint with us, and join in on some of our events. We have in-store tournaments, game nights, paint nights, prerelease parties, pop-up games (including those hosted by our wonderful customers), and other fun shenanigans you can hop into. Check out our schedule and see if there’s something that piques your interest.

At the Over the Brick Discord Channel you can ask questions, get latest store news and promotions, discuss everything gaming with fellow gamers, enter giveaways, and meet folks looking for gaming groups.

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Hope to see you around!


Over the Brick Origin Story

“Over the Brick” may seem an unusual name for a game store and that's because it had an unusual beginning. Over the Brick started in 2014 as an online specialty retailer of Lego bricks, but rather than the usual inventory of retail Lego sets, we catered to fans with specific brick needs. Needed a particular brick from that one set that released in 2007 and is no longer being manufactured? Or did you need a thousand pieces of a specific brick for that passion project you were working on? If so, Over the Brick was there to serve you. This notion of going “above and beyond” for the brick was Over the Brick’s genesis.

Over time, we expanded into other hobbies we also loved and eventually switched focus. Though we moved away from bricks, the name Over the Brick stuck, having now taken on a different meaning and become amusingly prophetic. The irony is not lost on us; we embrace it and still have a chuckle about it! 

Over the Brick Kenmore Location The next milestone for the store involved a different kind of brick: we opened our first brick and mortar store in Kenmore, WA in 2020. This was our first home where we welcomed gamers face to face. In a sub-1000 square foot corner of a shopping mall on the second floor, we gamed, grew, and weathered a global public health crisis. It was small in size but mighty in spirit, and it served us well until it could no longer sustain our growth.
Fast forward to July 2022, we’ve opened an exciting new space that is much bigger and brighter. At our new location in Kirkland, WA, we’ve expanded in many facets, with more gaming spaces, more room for in-store tournaments, and a greater inventory selection on display - we’re even happy to say that we’ve got the largest variety of paints and painting supplies in the Puget Sound area! With this space we’re not only able to host our local community and neighbors, but to also serve our online community with efficient and quick fulfillment. We’re excited for this new chapter, to say the least! Over the Brick Kirkland Location

So, that’s us, we’re Over the Brick! Whether online or in-store, know that we’re here to help.

We look forward to becoming your favorite game store.