Warpath: Reserve Force

Brand: Mantic
Price:  $79.99 $84.99
Every Forge Father is a warrior - a fighter as capable as any in the galaxy. And there are few soldiers as vicious and dogged as a Dwarf fighting to protect what’s theirs.

  • Hard Plastic Brandr Urban Assault Vehicle/Sturnhammer Battle Tank/Drakkar APC
  • 6 Hard Plastic and Metal Hammerfist Drop Troopers
  • 10 Plastic Brokkrs with Chief, Engineer and 2 Magma Rifles
  • Plastic Brokkr Inferno Drill
  • Plastic Iron Ancestor
  • Plastic and Resin Surtr/Jotunn Weapons Platform
  • 25mm and 60mm Round Bases

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.