Vallejo Spray: Black Primer

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The Vallejo Hobby Paint Sprays are a perfect combination of base coat and highly pigmented color, developed for use on all metal, plastic and resin models and miniatures.

Our new original and unique AV spray formula leaves a perfect matt and self levelling finish, designed to respect and bring forth even finest details of the models and miniatures.

The new Spray Colors are a perfect match to the corresponding shades available in the Game and Model Color ranges, so both painting techniques can be combined.
Each Hobby Paint Spray shows the original color applied on the colored ring around the top and is equipped with 2 different nozzles; one with a low discharge flow, especially recommended for fine lines and small details, and the other with a medium discharge flow, recommended for thicker lines and for covering larger surfaces; the low pressure valve allows for excellent spray control.

400 ml / 9,31 oz can

Customer Reviews

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Great Primer

Went on my model great.

Derek Baron
My Primer of Choice!

Vallejo is a go to name in the world of miniature painting and their spray primer is no exception to the quality and performance you might expect. While I have been resistant to getting started priming with an airbrush, I can consider myself something of a rattle can connoisseur, and Vallejo does not disappoint. Very matte, very black, decent coverage (two coats are better than one but that rule is true for nearly any primer), no complaints!