Vallejo Model Color WWII Set - Italian Armour & Infantry

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This paint set is the result of the collaboration between Battlefront and Vallejo and takes the guesswork out of painting World War II scale miniatures.

With a dedicated paint set selected to best capture the distinctive uniform and camouflage styles of the WWII Italian Armour & Infantry.


  • 70.888 Olive Grey 17ml 
  • 70.914 Green Ochre 17ml 
  • 70.977 Desert Yellow 17ml 
  • 70.881 Yellow Green 17 ml 
  • 70.976 Buff 17ml 
  • 70.830 German Fieldgrey WWII 17 ml 

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Bill Huffman
So happy I found you!

I ordered on Sunday, and it delivered on Tuesday around noon. I’m pretty close, so I can’t say that would be as fast for everyone, but it does tell me Over the Brick got on it right away and shipped my order, which is the best customer service there is! I’m a total fan now and look forward to more orders with you! BTW, I also told the president of our local club and he’s excited to shop with you also! Thanks, B.