Soilworks Environments - Summer

Brand : Scale75
Price :  $59.99 $69.99

In one set, everything you need to create realistic summer diorama with step by step instructions.


  • Step by step manual
  • Warfront Grau
  • Warfront US Medium Brown
  • Artist Color Vanilla Yellow
  • Artist Color Yellow Ochre
  • Artist Color Burnt Umber
  • Artist Color Vanilla White
  • Two colored Tufts Late Summer
  • Rock and Gravel
  • Flat Acrylic Paste
  • Dry Soil Acrylic Paste
  • Summer Ground  Acrylic Paste
  • Mud Effect
  • Pigment Fixer
  • Gypsum Pigment Colors
  • Sand Pigment Colors 


        Customer Reviews

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        C. L.
        Great Starter Base Kit

        Aside from the really outstanding basing supplies, you are also getting 4 Scale75 Artist acrylic vs 3 in the others (2 for spring). Burnt umber is one of the most used tones in painting and serves as a great base for mixes. Van White and Van yellow are often used to achieve highlight tones without losing saturation. If you purchase alongside Winter, there are few environments you cannot model between the two. Buy it while its in stock. I recommend buying disposable pipettes for the pigment fixer. Side note: if you have never worked with pigments before, be VERY cautious what surface you are working on. Don't ruin your kitchen counter.