ScaleColor Metal N Alchemy - Necro Gold

Brand : Scale75
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Acrylic paint for modeling and figure.

One of the best metallic ranges in the business, with solid coverage, finely ground metallic pigment, and a dazzling array of shades for adding depth and color to your miniatures.

Can be used for both brush and airbrush.

Comes in 17ml dropper bottles.

        Customer Reviews

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        Benjamin Quehl
        Best gold paint out there

        One of the streamers on twitch said this was the best gold. Gave it a try and no joke. First layer is thick and clean.

        Jeremy Avery
        Interesting base gold color paint

        I'm excited that Over the Brick has Scale75 paints. This gold is a beautiful dark gold that makes a great base to then highlight with your favorite bright gold paint. I want to try their Elven Gold as a highlight in the future. Shake it and it will give you good coverage.