ScaleColor - Velvet Skin Paint Set

Brand : Scale75
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A paint set dedicated to skin and fleshtones with a mix of colors from the high chroma paints of the Fantasy & Games line and the super matte finish of the ScaleColor line.

Can be used for both brush and airbrush.

Comes in 17ml dropper bottles.

Contains the following paints:

  • SFG04 - Baal Crimson
  • SFG14 - Resurrection Flesh 
  • SFG15 - Harvester Flesh
  • SFG19 - Orcish Dermis
  • SFG35 - Bosh Chestnut
  • SFG40 - Blackert Brown
  • SC-17 - Pale Skin
  • SC-18 - Light Skin

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      A Must Have for Painting Skin Tones

      This was my favorite paint purchase from last year. The Fantasy line from Scale75 is a bit easier to work with than their standard counterparts. I mostly use these paints after applying a base coat with either a Citadel or Vallejo paint. The ability to glaze the Scale75 paints with just water took my painting of miniature skin to the next level. I purchased this from Over the Brick's Ebay shop, which ended up becoming my gateway to ordering directly from them. Their service is great.