ScaleColor Fantasy & Games - Elven Colours Paint Set

Brand : Scale75
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High durability acrylic paint with brighter, more saturated colors.

Can be used for both brush and airbrush.

Comes in 17ml dropper bottles.

Contains the following paints:

  • SFG26 - Huldra Blue
  • SFG27 - Elandil Violet
  • SFG28 - Arphen Jade
  • SFG29 - Arianrhod Blue
  • SFG30 - Amarth Blue
  • SFG31 - Jorildyn Turqoise
  • SFG32 - Lendanis Grey
  • SFG33 - Hiril Blue

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      Best Layering and Highlighting Paints on the Market

      After years of using mostly Citadel and Vallejo paints, I have come to really love Scale75 paints for layering and highlighting 40k and Fantasy miniatures. The shades in this paint set are fantastic. The paints thin down with just water and it is easy to get smooth transitions between layers much easier than Citadel and Vallejo paints.