ScaleColor - Colors of Nature Green Paint Set

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ScaleColor by Scale75 is a range of water based acrylic paints in a wide array of colors, each offering a super matt finish that allows you complete control of placing highlights and shadows on your model. The pigmentation of these paints is ultra-fine, allowing them to be used straight from the dropper bottle or thinned down to the barest glaze with little to no “breaking” of the pigments. The dense pigmentation also makes for excellent coverage, even over a darker basecoat or primer.

Formulated for brush and airbrush application, the gel based medium of these paints will require extra thinning for use with an airbrush and adding a couple mixing balls to each bottle of paint is recommended to make keeping them mixed and ready to use much easier.

Packaged in sealed plastic 17ml dropper bottles.


Contains the following paints:

  • SC-41 - Black Forest Green
  • SC-42 - Boreal Green
  • SC-43 - Irati Green
  • SC-44 - Sherwood Green
  • SC-45 - Ardennes Green
  • SC-46 - Field Grey
  • SC-47 - Spring Green
  • SC-48 - Fall green

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      Matthew Hipsher
      Scale 75

      As always, OTB having the hard to find stuff in stock and shipping it fast. As a commission painter, this is invaluable.