ScaleColor Artist - Basic Colors

Brand : Scale75
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Heavy body acrylic paint for modeling and figure painting with a super matt finish.

Extra-fine pigments that make a creamy, highly pigmented paint with no excess water. The paints have been formulated for maximum coverage with a minimum number of brushstrokes.

Delicate layers and spectacular transparencies can be achieved by mixing with thinner.

Can be used for both brush and airbrush.

All paints come in a 20ml tube.

Contains the following paints:

  • SART01 - Art White
  • SART02 - Art Black
  • SART03 - Primary Blue
  • SART04 - Primary Yellow
  • SART05 - Primary Red
  • SART06 - Burnt Sienna

Customer Reviews

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C. L.
Super smooth, super matte

The tubes are great and the paint quality is immediately evident. Waters down nicely and has a really flat finish. The basic set is really all you need if you understand color theory and don't mind mixing.