Savage Gorge Adventure Pack - Unpainted

Brand : Dwarven Forge
Price :  $45.00

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All the exciting adventure inducing bits from the Savage Gorge encounter. The old cavernous river flows into a wide torchlit chasm, and Venomspitters await.


Hand Painted
Cavern's Deep
Set Number 6-A186-U
Number of Parts 7

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I buy soooooo many minis painted and un painted and mini sets with props. I mean soooo many / alot I spend alot of money on minis in general for ttrpg my game of choice D&D ,45.00 dollars and its not painted , come on , really u show the pic painted so it helps give a little " pop" to ur product to sell it . but then I gotta buy paint , paint brushes ect.. then it cost me a arm and a leg ... for not that big of a un painted set all said and done. it doesn't really cost u alot to mold these or 3D print this stuff for that price and the size of the set it / they should come atleast painted , I could just buy something made by dnd /wizkids or something from pathfiner , or dwarven forge and pay around the same or a little more with dwarven forge and it doesn't cost me a arm and a leg in the end... props though at least u did say it wasn't painted. So I'm not bashing ur product. the set looks cool/very nice:) but for the price I could basicly get something similar already painted cheaper... I bought a wiz kids kracken maybe2 years ago its a huge un painted mini/ very big d&d kraken from d&d / wiz kids for the about same price and I could justify the price because of the peice's shere size and quality , ur product to me just looks to hav the quality aspect from seeing the pics u posted I get so much more for my buck with my kraken after painting it even b4 painting it...

Hey Scott, you might not realize it but this is a Dwarven Forge item which is pricey to get to begin with.