Price :  $39.99
Age 10+
2-4 Players
45-60 Minutes
In Mutants, 2-4 players have to mix and match genetics to create the ultimate warriors and demonstrate their prowess in the arena. By dominating in the arena and freezing the most valuable mutants, you gain prestige - and whoever collects the most prestige wins.

In each round, players take turns until all players have used every card in their hand. At the end of the round, the player whose token is closest to the top space of the arena track scores prestige based on the round track. The game proceeds in this way for five rounds, after which players reveal their archives and gain additional prestige based on the freeze value of the mutants they have placed there.

In more detail, on your turn you perform three steps. First, you check to see whether you crushed the competition, then you ready your mutants in play, then you take one action from the following three:
* Breed: Gain a new mutant card to use in battle this round.
* Incubate: Prepare a new mutant card to use in battle next round.
* Deploy mutant: Play a mutant from your hand to your active mutant slot.