Minecraft: Buidlers & Biomes

Brand: Ravensburger
Price:  $32.99 $39.99
Age 10+
2-4 Players
30-60 Minutes

Experience the world of Minecraft as a tabletop game!

In Minecraft: Builders & Biomes, you’ll explore the Overworld, mine rare resources, build fabulous structures, and collect weapons to defeat the mobs lurking around every corner. Build cleverly and fight bravely to score the most experience points and win the game!


  • 64x wooden cubes
  • 64x building and monster cards
  • 36x weapon tokens
  • 4x player boards
  • 4x experience counters
  • 4x character skins
  • 4x game piece bases
  • 12x overview cards
  • 1x block base
  • 1x support structure
  • 1x Rulebook