Kimera Kolors - The White

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Kimera acrylic paints are made with a high pigment concentration ranging from 30% to 50%. Each paint is made with only one pure pigment making it perfect for mixing colors.

The paints have a creamy consistency very similar to oil paints yet they can be thinned out considerably to create layers, washes, and glazes.

The paints have a matt finish. A satin finish can be obtained by mixing with the satin medium

Pigment: PW6 Titanium White (Titanium Dioxide)

Comes in 30ml dropper bottle with a flip top cap and a steel ball agitator.

Customer Reviews

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Alexander Smiechowski

Kimera Kolors - The White

Anthony Moore

It's very white!

Patrick Brunton
It’s good.

A little chalky for my taste on a brush. Thinned down through an airbrush however, one of the best whites I’ve owned.

Derek Baron
A white that actually deserves a definite article...

Finally, "The" want White that covers? That is matte? That is easy to play with? Well this is it. Not much else to say about that I'm afraid...does what it says on the tin 100%