Kimera Kolors - The Red

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Kimera acrylic paints are made with a high pigment concentration ranging from 30% to 50%. Each paint is made with only one pure pigment making it perfect for mixing colors.

The paints have a creamy consistency very similar to oil paints yet they can be thinned out considerably to create layers, washes, and glazes.

The paints have a matt finish. A satin finish can be obtained by mixing with the satin medium

Pigment: PR170 – Red (Naphthol AS Red)

Comes in 30ml dropper bottle with a flip top cap and a steel ball agitator.

Customer Reviews

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I loved the color overall, but it is a bit harder to use for miniature painting (as I intended to use it) as the dropper top is made more like an artist paint squirter. It also requires quite a bit more thinning, but overall, I’m satisfied with it.

Derek Baron
A great paint for the paint stable

I read about Kimeras coverage and handing characteristics and was definitely curious. If one paints over darker basecoats like I do, then one is always on the lookout for things that will cover well over black. This red is that...I purposely put it to the test over a black basecoat, with no intermediate coat, just this super bright red, straight over black...results? I thinned this stuff way down and a second coat was necessary, the next figure in the batch got a slightly thicker coat...that second coat was not necessary here. The third mini in the line got another experiment, mixing with a bit of Blood Red from Scale75s Scalecolor range...all it did was increase the opacity and brightness of the color exactly as I hoped.
I would recommend these colors wholeheartedly, the don't disappoint.