Kimera Kolors - Color Set Expansion 1

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This set contains the 14 pure pigment Kimera Kolors acrylics paint.

Kimera acrylic paints are made with a high pigment concentration ranging from 30% to 50%. Each paint is made with only one pure pigment making it perfect for mixing colors.

The paints have a creamy consistency very similar to oil paints yet they can be thinned out considerably to create layers, washes, and glazes.

The paints have a matt finish. A satin finish can be obtained by mixing with the satin medium

Each paint comes in 30ml dropper bottle with a flip top cap and a steel ball agitator.

Paint List:

  • KK15 - Oxide Brown Dark
  • KK16 - Oxide Brown Medium
  • KK17 - Oxide Brown Light
  • KK18 - Mars Orange
  • KK19 - Dark Ochre
  • KK20 - Honey Moon Yellow
  • KK21 - Diarylide Yellow
  • KK22 - Alizarin Crimson
  • KK23 - Royal Brown
  • KK24 - Ultramarine Blue
  • KK25 - Toluidine Red
  • KK26 - Purple
  • KK27 - Oxide Green
  • KK28 - Cobalt Bluegreen

Customer Reviews

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Michael Siers
Kimera Kolors Set 1

These paint sets are hard to find in hobby stores and many online outlets but Over the Brick has them very surprisingly. These are special pigment paints and although they are not for the novice painter, the challenge and end result in terms of mixes is remarkable. You can very well find any hue you want provided you mix it correctly. This is for the serious paint enthusiast and by no means something more workable such as Vallejo, Pro Acryl, or Army Painter paints. Know this is an Artist-leaning niche set for those wanting to really get into the color wheel and color theory. Over the Brick shipped fast and did a very good job in terms of getting the order out.

Thomas Howell
Great price for great paints

I love this paint set! I was so happy to find a dealer in the United States that didn’t charge an arm and a leg for the product and shipping. I will definitely buy from the site again.