Force of Will: Judgement of the Rogue Planet Booster Display

Brand : Force of Will
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This product is the final set of the Hero cluster.

The Solaris rulers have unusual abilities from the Cocoon rulers as they represent their world and will bring new strategies and tactics to players.

Also, the cards in this product have abilities that can use in a variety of decks.

This product also includes many cards that support the rulers of this cluster and popular characters from the past, not only enhancing each deck and also players can use them at the same time. Solaris, Cocoon, and the rulers from the old worlds are all mixed up and made the final product of this cluster.

Product Breakdown:
• Normal: 50 kinds
※ New magic stones: 5 kinds
• Rare: 30 kinds
• Rare/J-Ruler: 8 kinds
• Super Rare: 15 kinds
• Marvel Rare: 5 kinds
• Extension Rule: 1 kind
• Secret Card: 6 kinds
• Token card: 15 kinds
• Reprint Special Magic Stone 20 kinds


  • 36x Judgement of the Rogue Planet booster packs

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