Force of Will: A New World Emerges Booster Display (36ct)

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Ruler joins the Hero Cluster with new abilities!

Ruler joins the game with a special partner named Moonchild, and in this world where the Judgment ability has been lost, you can put J-Ruler on the field by contracting with the secret power that lies in the moon! (This mechanism introduction will be posted on the official website soon!)

Contract is an ability that J-Ruler is printed on the back side of some Chant cards, and then the back side of Chant is put on the field as J-Ruler by fulfilling the conditions. Therefore no character is printed on the back side of Ruler.

*Wanderer Format becomes the center of the game environment from this set. Cards with new mechanisms to meet the speedy game development will also be introduced!

Product Breakdown
• Normal: 56 kinds
• Rare: 16 kinds
• Rare/J-Ruler: 5 kinds
• Super Rare: 12 kinds
• Super Rare/J-Ruler: 1 kind
• Marvel Rare: 4 kinds
• Marvel Rare/J-Ruler: 1 kind
• Ruler: 6 kinds
• Moonchild Ruler: 5 kinds
• Secret Card: 5 kinds
• Basic magic stones: 5 kinds
• Will coin card: 6 kinds
• Token card: 3 kinds
• Life counter card: 18 kinds

Buy-box PR Card:
Pre-Order Bonuses: 1 Limited PR Card for 1 box
※ Only available for first printing

Product Configuration:
• 1 Pack contains 10 cards
• 1 box contains 36 packs
• 1 carton contains 6 boxes

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