Encounter In a Box - Wagon Ambush

Brand : WizKids
Price :  $22.95 $29.99

Add-ons for a more immersive gameplay experience.


  • 1x Wagon
  • 1x Horse
  • 1x Pack Mule
  • 1x Cheval de Frise Barricade
  • 1x Bandit Leader (Miniature)
  • 1x Thief (2D Mini)
  • 1x Crossbow Bandit (2D Mini)
  • 1x Knife Bandit (2D Mini)
  • 1x Male Merchant (2D Mini)
  • 2x Double-Sided Map Tiles
  • 1x Scenario Insert

Customer Reviews

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Jim Alcala Sales
Great Product, Great Service

Encounter in a Box - Wagon Ambush was shipped right after I ordered and I got in in just a few days. Item arrived new and undamaged and packaged to prevent damage.

The pack mules are higher detail than I expected and I'm quite pleased with the colors. The flat plastic minis are brightly painted and are simple to put on stands or take down for flat pack storing. The instruction sheet and included encounter/story options is unnecessarily big but is easy to read. The map tiles are nicely detailed but would have been better with a coating to make them dry erase safe. They are not.