Dinosaur World

Brand : Pandasaurus
Price :  $47.95 $59.95
Age 10+
2-4 Players
120 Minutes

Each round in Dinosaur World, you draft a new résumé card to acquire new workers; spend workers to take public actions building your park and acquiring DNA; spend further workers to take private actions improving that park; then drive your jeep around experiencing the wonder and excitement of what you have built! Throughout the game you acquire victory points through a variety of means — and possibly a few visitor deaths as a natural consequence of overly enthusiastic dinosaur encounters. At the end of the game, you lose points if you accumulated too many deaths, then the player with the most points wins!


  • 1x Rulebook
  • 3x Central Island Boards
  • 1x Public Notice Board
  • 1x Round Marker
  • 1x DNA Dice Bag
  • 9x DNA Dice
  • 3x Danger Dice
  • 1x First Player Marker
  • 72x Workers
  • 30x Herbivores
  • 22x Small Carnivores
  • 22x Large Carnivores
  • 54x Metal Coins
  • 40x Death Tokens
  • 95x Boredom Tokens
  • 4x Excess Security Tokens
  • 4x Excess Threat Tokens
  • 4x Excess VP Tokens
  • 10x Database Cards
  • 18x Objective Cards
  • 16x Attraction Tiles
  • 30x Special Building Tiles
  • 17x Dino Paddock Tiles
  • 4x Lab Boards
  • 4x Park Boards
  • 4x Welcome Center Tiles
  • 4x Jeeples
  • 12x Objective Markers
  • 48x Resource Markers
  • 20x Route Tokens
  • 20x Jeeple Bonus Tokens

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