The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers 2023

Gather Around the Tabletop

Need some ideas on what to get for that special gamer in your life? Here are some of the most popular games and gaming accessories that's sure to be a hit this holiday, whether you're shopping for a board gamer, a TCG card collectible player, a tabletop player, a role player, miniatures painter, and so forth - we've got something for everyone!
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Consider a Gift Card!

If all else fails, we have Over the Brick Gift Cards available - perfect for even the most discerning gamer!


Great Stocking Stuffers 

Popular Gifts Under $15

Popular Gifts Under $25

Chessex Dice
UNLOCK! Shorts
Sushi Go!
Jenga Mini
Spot It! Games  
The Mind
Bicycle Playing Card Designs

Pokémon Battle Decks
D20 Dice Bag
UNO Marvel Ultimate 
Figs of Adorable Power 
Love Letter Game 
Magic: The Gathering - Starter Kit 2023
Ramen Fury 

Sushi Go! Party  
Munchkin Disney  
Jumbo D20 Plush Dice White 



Over the Brick Holiday Gift Guide 2023 for Card Collectors

Pokémon TCG Magic: The Gathering Yu-Gi-Oh! Flesh and Blood Other Cards and Collectibles

Pokémon Paradox Rift 
Pokémon 2023 Holiday Calendar
Scarlet & Violet: 151 Ultra Premium Collection 
Pokémon Go Collection    
Elite Trainer Boxes
View All Pokémon

For the Beginner:
My First Battle 

Lost Caverns of Ixalan
Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth
Doctor Who Commander Deck 
Doctor Who Collector Booster Box

For the Beginner:
Starter Kit 2023


Valiant Smashers
25th Anniversary Tin 
Legend of the Crystal Beasts Structure Deck 
25th Anniversary Rarity Collection
Revamped Fire Kings Structure Deck  

Bright Lights Booster Box
Round the Table: TCC x LSS
From Dusk Till Dawn Booster Box 
Classic Playmat 





Disney Lorcana
MetaZoo: Hello Kitty - Kuromi's Cryptid Carnival Booster Display
Weiß Schwarz: Avatar The Last Airbender Trial Deck+ 
One Piece: Monkey.D.Luffy Starter Deck 
Dragon Shield Accessories 
Tarot Card Sets 



Over the Brick Holiday Gift Guide 2023 for the Board Game Lover

Hot and New! Always Popular Best Family Game Night Best Games for the New Gamer Best Cooperative Games

Dixit: Disney Edition
Zombicide: Marvel Zombies
Catan 3D Edition
Catan Starfarers 2nd Ed.
Ticket to Ride: Berlin


Everdell & Expansions
Wingspan Collection
Camel Up
The Quacks of Quedlinburg
7 Wonders Duel
Ticket to Ride: Europe 15th Anniversary

My L'il Everdell
Sushi Go!
Dixit & Expansions
UNO Ultimate Marvel
Ticket to Ride: First Journey
My Junior RPG 
Mysterium Collection



Catan & Expansions
Ticket to Ride Collection





Escape The Dark Castle
Arkham Horror Revised Core Set
Mansions of Madness
Captain Sonar
House of Danger 
UNLOCK! Adventures 



Over the Brick Holiday Gift Guide for Painters

Beginner Must-Haves Popular Paints Bestselling Airbrushes & Airbrush Kits

The Army Painter - Dry Brush Set   
The Army Painter - Hobby Starter Set 
Wet Palette
Vallejo - Napoleonic War Color Sets
The Army Painter - Warpaints 

Two Thin Coats Paints 
Two Thin Coats 60 Paints Set
Scale75 Color Forge
ScaleColor Essentials Basic Colors
Shop All Paint Sets



Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush  
NEO for Iwata CN Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush
Iwata Beginner Airbrush Kit with NEO CN
Vallejo: Game Air Suitcase Basic Color & Airbrush
Iwata Airbrush Cleaning Kit 


Over the Brick Holiday Gift Guide for the Miniatures Enthusiast

What's Hot Warhammer 40000 Fandom Favorites

Star Wars Shatterpoint    
Marvel Crisis Protocol - Earth's Mightiest Core Set





Ultimate Starter Set
Chaos Daemons - Combat Patrol
Space Marines - Terminator Squad
Blood Angels - Combat Patrol





D&D Collectors  
D&D Premium  
Marvel Crisis Protocol 
Star Wars Legion 
Elder Scrolls   
Fallout Wasteland Warfare
The Lord of the Rings: Battle in Balin's tomb



Over the Brick Holiday Gift Guide 2023 For the Role Player

Unique Gifts Dungeons & Dragons

New in Role Playing

More Favorite RP systems

Liquid Core Elixir Dice 
Jumbo D&D D20 Dice Plush
Figs of Adorable Power 
RPG Accessories 


5th Edition - Dungeon Masters Guide
5th Edition - Xanathar's Guide to Everything



Twilight Imperium Genesys: Embers of the Imperium
DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos



Campaign Setting: Occult Realms
Fate: Core System Rulebook