Painter's Guide

Our resident expert painter and modeller shares his favorite products that he uses to bring his artistic vision to life. 

Beginner Must Haves
A great 3 brush set that covers all the basics of miniature painting with both quality and affordability. You'll get other brushes in your painting career, but these will get you started on the right path.
The top colors from the largest name in the acrylic paint game! These are bright, highly pigmented colors with a tough satin finish. These colors will serve any painter working on any game piece or display miniature.
These colors are the basis for the Vallejo Model Color range, and will offer a satin finish and good, solid color for any model, miniature, or even diorama. 
Trouble free airbrush paints formulated to go straight into your airbrush with minimal muss or fuss. They even come with an agitator to keep them all mixed up!

Best Airbrush/Set
The philosophers choice! A solid performer that will see any level of miniature painter through their first halting steps in airbrushing all the way to award winning display pieces and any large wargaming army, diorama, or vehicle model that comes along the way.
A great "all-in-one" paint set from the pros. Vallejo provides trouble free airbrush paints, and Harder-Steenbeck provides a solid beginner friendly airbrush complete with hose and cleaner.
Paint Color Set
My personal favorite, the set I use week in and week out for all my painting needs. Concise, with 64 colors, it can sit on your desk AND leave you room to work! Super matte finish means you can control the highlights. Gel-based medium that will thin with just water all the way down to a bare glaze without breaking, or cover darker colors with equal aplomb. This is a solid go anywhere do anything set of paints that will give a widely varied, solid choice of colors for any project.