At Over the Brick we offer a consignment service for Graded Cards.

How it Works:

1/ Send us the details of the card you want to sell using the following template.

2/ We will review the list, flag any potential issues.

3/ We will draft a contract that will be electronically signed

4/ You send us the cards

5/ Once received we will verify that the cards are matching the contract, check for potential issues (we do not claim to be expert authenticator but we will do our best to catch known problems).

6/ We will create listing of every cards and put them up for sale on our website. The cards will be included in our online advertising blocks.

7/ When a card sell we will ship it to their new owner

Things to know:

  • Our fee is currently set at 7.5% of the sale price before taxes
  • While the cards are in our possession our collectible insurance covers them
  • You can take back the cards at any time, you just need to pay for the shipping.