Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Enclave Wave Expansion Card Pack

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The ominous shadow of human ‘purity’ hangs over the wasteland as the rhythmic crunch of power armored feet echoes from ruin to ruin – The Enclave are making their presence known. Join the cause or fight your corner with new allies and fearsome enemies. The Enclave themselves bring multiple power armor variants and heavy weapons to the wasteland, ready to reclaim it for their president. Their top brass take to the field, with Colonel Autumn commanding and Frank Horrigan bludgeoning his way though anything brave (or stupid) enough to stand in the way. All the rules for units, weapons, and equipment in the Enclave Wave are included in this card pack. Also included are new AI Cards, chems, mods, events, dangers and more, all for expanding the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare experience.

Included in the set are cards for:
  • Enclave Core Box
  • Enclave High Command
  • Enclave Soldier Set
  • Enclave Tesla Set
  • Enclave Hellfire Set
  • Frank Horrigan
  • Unaligned T 45 Power Armour
  • Mirelurks
  • Mirelurk Hunters
  • Mirelurk Hatchlings + Eggs
  • Mirelurk Queen
  • Fog Crawler
  • Lorenzo Cabot