Magic: The Gathering - Lord of the Rings Tales of Middle-Earth Gift Bundle

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In secret, Sauron forged a booster—one far more powerful than those owned by Elf, Dwarf, or Man. In this Collector Booster, Sauron sealed away the most incredible cards to grace Middle-earth: foils, Showcase cards, Borderless cards, and more. Who knows what these cards could do in the wrong hands? At least with you, we know they’ll look great.


  • 1x Collector booster
  • 8x Lord of the Rings Tales of Middle-Earth Set Boosters
  • 4x Traditional Foil alternate-art cards
  • 40x Land Cards (20 foil, 20 nonfoil)
  • 1x Spindown life counter
  • 1x card storage box
  • 2x reference cards

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda Gifford
Fun Set

Great set if you’re a fan of LotR and Magic (this set not standard legal)
Shipped on time and well packaged

Ben Wilson
LotR Gift Bundle

Thank you for offering shipping. The product arrived in good shape very close to the release date, much earlier than I was expecting. Great store!