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Two Thin Coats Paints Available Now!

Two Thin Coats Paint is now available at Over the Brick! It is a new line of paint formulated by Games Workshop Alum Duncan Rhodes. Duncan has done a fine job of crafting a miniature paint that is easy and fun to use, comes in a dropper bottle, and offers a premium paint experience. 

60 Paints in the range

Two Thin Coats Paints
The range of Two Thin Coats is composed of 60 colors divided into “triads” of base colors, mid-tone, and highlight colors all pre-mixed to make choosing which paint to use as you work on your highlights easy and straightforward. There are also metallics and effects to choose from.


The feel of this paint is really silky smooth. Coming out of the dropper bottles a little thick, they allow for making choices about how thin you want them to be on your palette. They behave well when used thicker to cover even a black primer, and can be thinned to a glaze with little difficulty without needing specialized mediums (though one is available in the range in case you want to use it!). Coverage varies with the pigments, but overall is acceptable and while certain colors might need slightly more than “two thin coats” to reach full opacity, they do not get chalky or gloopy when the layers add up.

A real star in this range are the metallics, thin and smooth, they do not gum up or clump together like so many other metallics out there on the market. Coverage here is as good or better than the rest of the range, and the finely ground mica flake in the paint leaves a nice, even finish that helps to avoid unsightly brush strokes. There are six metallic colors that cover gold and silver, giving a good selection of tones for any metallic project.

Also included are a selection of six “washes.” These pre-thinned, high pigment paints are transparent and can be used to increase contrast on a figure by either glazing them into the recesses (they thin with water of the aforementioned medium), carefully pin-lining or recess shading with them, or even as an overall wash that will unify the colors of the base coat and considerably darken the model for eventual layered highlights.

Two Thin Coats Paint

As the lead painter here at Over the Brick, I have had the chance to use these paints and very much appreciated how smooth they were and how easily they flowed from my brush. If you are looking to supplement your paint collection with some solid performers, and new effects and wash paints; or if you are just getting into the hobby and are looking for those first few colors to start your first model, the Two Thin Coats range will not disappoint.

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