Hyper Realistic Terrain with GamersGrass

Hyper Realistic Terrain with GamersGrass

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GamersGrass’ line of terrain supplies aim to help artists achieve a new level of realism and are well known for their high quality products of specialty tufts, laser plants, shrubs, and basing bits. We outline each of these and give you the lowdown on what’s available for all your terrain needs.

Specialty Tufts

GamersGrass offers a wide array of high quality basing materials but the largest portion of their collection is dedicated to various colors and sizes of grass tufts. These tufts come, broadly, in two shapes: “Wild”- a selection of random organic shapes varying from 2x2mm to shapes as long as 10mm; and “Small”- uniform circles around 4mm in diameter (smaller for some shorter varieties). Within these two shape choices are a variety of different heights for many colorways. While not every color has the full variety of heights, there is no shortage of selection in any height, from “Tiny”- sub 2mm, suitable for Battletech or 15mm figures, to “XL”- nearly 14mm tall, with several options in between. Neon and fantasy inspired tufts with bright, intense colors are also available, called their “Alien” line.

Laser Cut Plants


Flowers by GamersGrass
Segueing from plants to more plants, GamerGrass’ vividly colored flowers are perfect for simulating every kind of floral-filled scene you can imagine, be they natural meadows or fields of color. They also look great as spots of color in diorama pots.

Basing Bits

Basing Bits by GamersGrass Finally, rounding out the offerings from GamersGrass are a collection of resin basing bits. These small pieces can easily be added to take up space on larger bases, adding additional visual interest. The basing bits come in collections of elements, varying in size and shape, including statuary, sandbags, and other pieces that can be used to evoke any landscape from high fantasy to the grim, dark, far future.

Popular for a Reason

Many artists already using GamersGrass supplies sing their praise and it's easy to see why. There are many terrain options out there, but with GamersGrass, you know that you'll be getting high quality realistic terrain from a selection that’s diverse, well-made and easy to use.

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