Disney Lorcana Organized Play Events at Over the Brick

Join the Disney Lorcana Organized Play Events Happening at Over the Brick!

Greetings, Illumineers!

Welcome to the magical realm of Lorcana. You've been tasked with seeking pieces of lore that have been scattered about the realm, to ensure their safekeeping. Using magical inks, summon glimmers of beloved Disney characters that appear as both familiar friends or in fantastically reimagined form. Send your glimmers on quests for lore, or on challenges to prevent your opponent from gaining their own lore. Build your ink resources, use your team of glimmers, their abilities and any helpful items you find, and be the first to find 20 pieces of lore to win the game.

Disney Lorcana Organized Play at Over the Brick

Early Release and Organized Play Events at Over the Brick

Over the Brick is an official Disney Lorcana Organized Play approved store, and will have preordered Disney Lorcana products available for in-store customers on August 18, 2023, two weeks ahead of the September 1, 2023 general release date.

Our local customers can keep their eyes here on our blogspace and in our Official Over the Brick Discord Server in the Lorcana Channel for announcements soon regarding Lorcana Organized Play events, complete with prize support and other promotional kits!  UPDATE: Our First Lorcana Event happens Aug 18, Launch Day! See Details below!

We will have a kit of promo cards, pins, and other prizes to host tournaments and support League play. In League play, participants collect points by playing (win or lose), bringing a friend to game night, or teaching someone the rules. Promotional materials are available for these events and we will announce soon how you'll be able to receive them.

Event Information (More Events Coming Soon): 

Lorcana August 18th Launch Event

Lorcana: The Launch Event At Over the Brick

Ways to Prepare For Disney Lorcana Release and Organized Play

While waiting to get your hands into the inkwell, ready your knowledge and brush up all about this exciting new TCG:

View The First Chapter Products: Which sets you are interested in starting with?
Download the App:
 Available on your phone through Google Play and Apple App store. 
Study the Cards: Find a complete list of existing cards and a deckbuilding feature on the official app.
Learn to Play: via the app's tutorials or at Disney Lorcana's website


Disney Lorcana Releases August 18, 2023 at Over the Brick

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