Vallejo Model Color WWII Set - British Armour & Infantry

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This paint set is the result of the collaboration between Battlefront and Vallejo and takes the guesswork out of painting World War II scale miniatures.

With a dedicated paint set selected to best capture the distinctive uniform and camouflage styles of the WWII British Armour & Infantry.


  • Bronze Green 17 ml 70978
  • Russian Uniform WWII 17 ml 70924
  • English Uniform 17ml 70924
  • Khaki 17ml 70988
  • Green Ochre 17ml 70914
  • Flat Earth 17ml 70955

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Gilbert Sarabia
Amazing Paints

I am using Vallejo paints for the first time. I am greatly impressed with the deepness and richness of the color and the varieties are to die for. Before I tried their WWII paint sets, I thought all they did was paint for airbrushing. Well, they also make great paints for brushing. They are among the best paints I have ever used.