ScaleColor Warfront - German Vehicles Camo Paint Set

Brand : Scale75
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The same super matte, high quality paint the ScaleColor line is known for, formulated with the model kit and diorama builder in mind.

The colors in this collection are designed to mimic those found on military uniforms and vehicles of the second World War, but work just as easily for anyone looking for a more desaturated color palette for any project. This collection greatly expands the choices of greens and browns available in the ScaleColor range.

Can be used for both brush and airbrush.

Comes in 17ml dropper bottles.

Contains the following paints:

  • SW00 - Dunkelgelb Yellow
  • SW01 - Olivegrun Green
  • SW02 - Rotbraun Red
  • SW03 - Rotbraun Primer Red
  • SW04 - Dunkelgrau Gray
  • SW05 - Dunkelbraun Brown
  • SW06 - Gelbraun Brown
  • SW07 - Graugrun Gray

      Customer Reviews

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      Shannon Wilson

      Good stuff, !!! Will be getting more. ( military ship colors. Thanks

      Gus Ehrlich
      Good quality

      Really good quality paint.must be thinned for air brush use.acurate colors.