Killer Bunnies: Jupiter: Red

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Age 12+
2-6 Players
90 Minutes

The Journey to Jupiter(TM) kicks into space-warp speed with more deadly Beyea Aliens, more powerful ships and 3 additional sectors of space for your powerful Red bunnies to explore!

Maybe you'll subject the players to a devastating Solar Flare or send your opponents' markers back into space with an annoying Cargo Blow!Don't get distracted by the 99 Red Balloons or slowed down by Sector Ah-Le-Thargy.Dirk's Caffeination may help move things along, and the Beings of Light may prevent a Cosmic Calamity!

Even innocent fruit may have consequences, as you discover that our Pineapples have a rind of a different (and sometimes deadly) kind.With cunning and danger behind every asteroid, fun and good times will be hard to avoid.The Laser Red booster deck is definitely the thing -- it even includes the planet with the ring!

Designer: Jeffrey Neil Bellinger


  • 3 Game board Sectors
  • 58 Large Cards
  • 5 Ships and Stands
  • 3 Pineapple Markers
  • Red Twenty-sided Die
  • Planet Saturn and Instructions