Cards for Kids

Mission Statement

Cards for Kids
The mission of Cards for Kids is to provide much needed moments of joy for children in vulnerable situations by working to put popular card games into their hands. We believe the power of play can be a crucial part of healing, especially during times of crisis, and aim to ensure that these children have access to them while also supporting the hobby of playing games.

About Cards for Kids

Cards for Kids a 501(c)(3) public charity, is devoted to providing the healing and uplifting power of games to children affected by illness, unstable home environments, times of crisis, and other vulnerable situations. We do this through accepting donations, fundraising, and coordinating the distribution of cards and games to affected children, and by working with donors at all levels of the industry, from hobby gamers to retailers, distributors, publishers, industry giants, and more. We aim to put card games in the hands of kids in hospitals, foster and group homes, transitional and dv homes, community outreach programs, school programs and other important organizations that serve the community. 

Whether through donating cards/games, making financial contributions, or sponsoring events, you can help our endeavor to put smiles on children’s faces who really need more reasons to smile. All donations are tax-deductible.

Our Beliefs

Cards for Kids
  • Playing games can be uplifting and healing.
  • Every child should have access to the power of play.
  • Children, in vulnerable situations in particular, can benefit greatly from playing games.
  • Sharing this love of games supports an amazing hobby, one that teaches children many practical and social skills, all while having so much fun.

Ways to Help:

  • Donate cards and card games:
    • Send us your good-condition unwanted cards from your favorite card games.
    • Purchase new card games, decks, etc, for direct donation.
  • Make a financial contribution.
    • Sponsor an event:
      • Organized play/community events and tournaments
      • Fundraisers